Sifu's Lineage

Most modern day sifus can trace their lineage to Yip Man (also referred to as Ip Man). He brought the system from Southern China to Hong Kong, from where it eventually spread to the rest of the world. After completion of the art of Ving Tsun Kung Fu, one is said to have become a disciple of one's sifu. Yip Man had many disciples. He is widely regarded as the patriarch of the Ving Tsun system, although he did not enjoy this fame during his lifetime (1893-1972). Towards the end of his life he gained some recognition due to the success of his student Bruce Lee. It is traditional for the disciple and sifu to be photographed together, with the sifu sitting in a chair, and the disciple standing slightly behind him. In this way a pictoral record of lineage is established. Our sifu, Lee Gar Leung, is a disciple of Lee Moy Shan. Translated, this means "Little Mountain". He is our Sigung (Sifus's Sifu). Other disciples of Lee Moy Shan include V.A. Thomas, Richie Louie, Steve Goericke, Paolo Lampis, and Darrell Jordan. Lee Moy Shan taught in New York City until 1986. He now lives in China. Darrell Jordan's interview with Lee Moy Shan is available at Lee Gar Lin Kung Fu. Lee Moy Shan is a disciple of Moy Yat (1938-2001). At age 24, Moy Yat became the youngest Sifu ever recognized by Yip Man. After the passing of his Sifu, he emigrated to the United States, and founded his first American school in New York City. Moy Yat is our Sitaigung (Sifu's Sigung).

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From left to right:
1. Moy Yat (standing) with Yip Man (seated)
2. Lee Moy Shan (standing) with Moy Yat (seated)
3. Lee Gar Leung (standing) with Lee Moy Shan (seated)