This website was developed for the benefit of both the IBS patient as well as the medical practitioner who is challenged daily to treat and address the complex issues of the patient suffering IBS.




In the articles section, I have listed multiple links.  These represent a small collection of articles, abstracts and scientific papers written on the subject of IBS, gut bacteria and Probiotics.  It is my goal as this site continues to develop to update this section with future published research contributing to these specific areas.  In the articles section is a link titled “Probiotics The Simplified Approach”.  This was written as a quick reference guide to “Best of Breed” Probiotics available today. This guide lists all the information needed for the practitioner or patient to obtain and initiate Probiotic therapy.  Since 1998 it has been my goal to see more patients with IBS benefit from Probiotics as well as making it easier for the busy health care professional to recommend them.  This specific “Best of Breed” list of Probiotics will continue to be updated as the website develops and as other nutraceutical companies demonstrate that their proprietary probiotic meets the rigorous quality controls and certification. 




By clicking on quotes you will be brought to a page that contains a list of brief statements that in my experience in treating irritable bowel syndrome patients addresses many of their concerns and questions.  Some of the statements I consider “pearls” for the practitioner who is challenged daily with patients presenting with classic symptoms of IBS such as abdominal pain, bloating, gas, diarrhea and constipation.  As the website continues to develop, I will add to this section as patient and practitioner comments help to highlight specific considerations. 



In this section, I encourage all visitors to this website to share comments, suggestions and criticisms to help improve this website making it a better vehicle to help those individuals with IBS as well as assisting the healthcare practitioner. 




The reason that I asked Dr. Katherine Webb to write her testimonial for this website is because it was my interaction with her and her subsequent improvement that made me decide to reach out to her and to those who I could not possibly see in my medical practice.  The combination of having an open-minded healthcare practitioner to care for the IBS patient and the information on this website will hopefully make a difference in the lives of hundreds or thousands of individuals like Dr. Webb.  Dr. Webb and I continue to stay in touch periodically and she continues to demonstrate marked improvement of her IBS symptoms from the time of our initial contact and conversations.   



Steven M. Faber, M.D., FACG